Frequently Asked Questions

0. How to install?

First you need to have the Tool installed. It works on Windows and it's required to convert the HTML/JSON skin into a usable Skin file.

You can install two ways - by double clicking the StSkin file you generate, or by opening the app and selecting File - Open and browse to the StSkin file.
The tool should auto install your skin.

See #23 for installation problems

The tool is free and open source.
The StSkins cannot be installed manually due to their specific format.
1. Is this legal?

Yes, this tool basically creates customized Steam Skins on the fly.

2. Do I risk getting a VAC ban for customizing Steam?

Steam natively provides Skinning functionality, and has done so for years. You're free to use any Skin you can possibly find or make.
As long as it doesn't violate any of the rules of decency (hate speech, pornographic content, etc)

3. How to uninstall?

To uninstall the app, go to Start > All Programs > Steam Customizer and select Uninstall.
You can also uninstall from the Windows Control Panel

4. Can I change the Overlay styles individually?

We're working on it.

5. Can I save a skin without submitting it?

We don't have a public gallery (yet), so your saved skins are unlisted unless you share them on the internet.

6. How much RAM does the app use?

Around 8-10MB of RAM. Hope you don't have a 256MB machine there buddy!

7. Does this site work with any other skins?

At the moment, for maximum consistency, we're only providing the service for the Default Steam skin. However we plan on expanding it in the future to other skins. If you have a skin you like that you'd like to be able to customize, contact the authors and notify them of this service.

8. Does this tool work on Steam for Mac / Linux?

We're working on a Mac version. Want to help us?
The logic is done and the compiler is written in NET framework. If you have experience working with vNext on either Mac or Linux, please contact us!

9. Can I make a backup of a skin?

You can export skins from the Skin Manager from the File menu (as ZIP or STSKIN)

10. Is there a way to install a StSkin file without the App?

The entire logic of this service is to provide a streamlined format that creates the necessary skin files on your Computer. The StSkin file is only a blueprint of how a skin should be made. Without a compiler it cannot be utilized.

11. Is this service free?

Yes. We plan on expanding the service to offer exotic features and even more powerful customization in the future. This will increase our maintenance cost so we might have to rely on your generosity to continue this service. However, the current basic features we offer will be free for as long as we're here.

12. Why isn't there a Steam workshop for Skins?

At this time, we believe Valve would not interfere with the User Experience of their own client by providing their own workshop.
However, we may submit our tool as a Greenlight item on the Steam Store, which will include a skins workshop. Stay tuned for announcements.

13. My antivirus blocked the install / download

The nature of the tool is to rely on copying a compiled Skin to your Steam skins folder so that you can use it. In our modern, paranoid world, some antivirus software might see it as a threat. Don't worry, our tool is perfectly safe. Please notify us about the antivirus you're using so we can get in touch with them and sort it out.

14. Which languages are supported?

At the moment, English and Russian. French and German will be added shortly. We want to provide this service to all of our friends worldwide. If you'd like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected]

15. How to switch between themes?

Open Skin Manager from your Startmenu. You can apply the default theme or any other themes.

16. My font doesn't look very good

Make sure to enable DirectWrite in Steam settings under Interface (it will make the fonts much smoother)

17. Can I use a custom font?

We're only providing default windows fonts so far, later we'll add the ability to include other fonts. However if you're eager to have a different font now - select arial and make a stskin file, download it to your computer. Then open it with notepad and Search and Replace Arial with the font of your choice (you must have the font installed on your computer and know the right name). Apply the stskin file and you should see the new font. If something went wrong all text on Steam will be missing. In that case just make another Steam Skin or switch to another theme in Skin Manager.

18. Will you support more skins in the future?

The tool has been built to support almost any kind of skin base. We'll be actively working towards bringing you different, more exotic Skin bases soon. If you have a Skin that you currently use and like, but want to customize it - get in touch with the author and tell them about our tool. Anything is possible, it just takes time.

19. How does this tool work?

It's powered by Unicorn Magic.
And also StSkin Technology. Click to read more about it.

20. Where is the WP7 skin?

The WP7 skin has been discontinued and is now more of a relic of the past. There is no reason not to use the current skin format, you can create more powerful customizations now.

21. It doesn't work in my browser - can't download skin (MS Edge / Internet Explorer)

Our service currently supports Chrome and Firefox.
We're working on bringing it to Edge soon.

22. My antivirus detects this tool as malicious / virus / malware / trojan

Sorry to hear that! It's possible for some AVs (especially Norton, thanks Norton) to incorrectly identify the tool as malicious and disable its functionality. Don't worry, the app is perfectly safe. You can check the source code on GitHub and see how it works for yourself, or even compile it yourself.

If your AV is interfering with the app's functionality, please email us at feedback [at] and we will contact the vendors.

I can't seem to apply the skin even though I have the tool installed

Make sure you installed the tool with Administrator privileges. Additionally, an AV may be blocking the skin conversion process.
Try restarting your PC after you installed the tool, that might help
If none of those are the case, please contact Support.

¯\(°_o)/¯ Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact Steam Customizer Support